The World of Warcraft Authenticator is back in the Apple App store. 3.3 info starts rolling out. Pfeiffer got his new Naga and can’t figure it out. Then we discuss loot distribution.

Patch 3.2.2 Onyxia is live and drops bags. We review the Razer Death Adder, The Belkin Nostromo n54te, the WolfKing Game Panel, and the Logitech g13 and reveal Hilljack’s new controller design. Oh and we ramble on and on.

Okay, okay we ramble a bit more than usual in this one, still some helpful tidbits. The news this week is light, Pirate’s Day has come and gone and now we are in the throws of Brewfest. Also FigurePrints now has classic dungeon sets available. You know you want some Tier 1 banana shoulders on your statue! Our discussion is about raid invites. A few ways to handle them and some things to avoid.

Next week we talk about peripherals, and we’ll be talking all about patch 3.2.2, released TODAY!

Eric is MIA so Hilljack sits in. The big recent news is faction changes are available and racial changes confirmed for the future. We discuss Guild structures with about a 75% tangent ratio. And announced is a new Warcraft Tour project (name pending). Basically some video tours of all of the old world for nostalgia sake when it all goes boom in Cataclysm.

Days of Our Guild is now on YouTube. The first video is posted. Just some rough sketches as I get ready to relaunch the Days of Our Guild webcomic. This will also be the home of one of the future Days of Our Guild projects to be announced shortly. You can find us at

Episode 3: has begun a screenshot project to document the old world before Cataclysm is released. Server problems seem to plague most realms. Our discussion this week covers guild drama, It’s unavoidable but we try and give you some thoughts on what causes it, how to avoid what you can and how to handle it when it happens.

Episode 2 is live. This was recorded the weekend of Blizzcon 2009. The big news of course is Cataclysm, new races and world changes. The discussion this week is all about Recruiting. How to go about it, what not to do and where to find people.

The first podcast is posted. And wow I need a pop filter. Some good content as we talk about patch 3.2 and balancing a guild between members and raiders. Some technical issues need to be worked out still but I hope you enjoy. Fixed the problems and the podcast is finally actually live!!! There are some technical issues but we are working on improving those very quickly.

Just a quick note, have noticed there are some playback issues with episode one. those are corrected in future issues and we will be reloading a corrected version of episode one when we can. Sorry for any inconvenience to your ears.

I am in the process of updating the site.  Things my be a little messy for a couple of days.

We had someone leave work recently. Everyone of course saying all these nice things about them. ‘Oh I’ll miss you.’ ‘You were so great to work with.’ Never mind the fact that not two weeks prior they were talking about how much they hated them and wish they would just leave.

And of course the person who left sent out the mass email about how great everyone was, and how they were like family and so special and wonderful. Never mind the fact that she would regularly blame anyone near by for all of her mistakes. And there were a LOT of mistakes.

And of course both sides make all these promises about how they will keep in touch and talk and hang out whenever they can. Let’s be honest, never going to happen.