All about PvP! We talk with on of the Guild’s resident PvP gurus, Munnyshot. He gives us an inside look at PvP. An overview of some of the things you need to know about PvP and why it may be worth your time.

Silverzero joins us as we discuss the release of patch 3.3 and all that that implies!

Silverzero joins us on our special look at the PTR 3.3. Lot of stuff to discuss as the patch may download as early as tomorrow. Alas some technical problems make for some interesting moments, I promise I am normally not talking over people.

Hilljack is out this week but we have a special guest Kassius. WoW’s 5th Anniversary is in full swing. Everyone has until December 6th to log on and claim their free Onyxia Whelpling pet. Blizzard makes mention of possible character model changes in Cataclysm. 3.3 brings in new ammo for hunters. Pilgrim’s Bounty comes to a close and the Perky Pug rubs his butt. This week’s discussion is an interview with Kassius who had his account hacked twice. Some insight into what happens and great reasons to get an authenticator.

Holy wandering topics batman. We are all over the place talking about Goblin hairstyles, the in game quest addon, Ice Crown Citadel release, the path starting to download, Blizzards’ Holiday Card art contest and even Bungie Software to finally wrap things up with some last minute Pilgrim’s Bounty achievements. No telling what it all means but we blame JoJodacrow for this train wreck!

New pets to buy for real world money, but they are so cute. More patch 3.3 stuff. All followed by a meandering discussion about being prepared for new content….or not.

And now we are up to date. Expect some more little tidbits in the coming days!

New weapons revealed. Ice Crown goes into full swing on the PTR. Race Changes are now available. This week’s discussion: Addons. They can be found at or We go over some of the mainstays in raiding addons.

Yogg is dead and he tasted good, but needed some salt. Halloween has one more week. Speculation on patch 3.3 and Cataclysm. A lot of rambling and finally a discussion on where to find a good raid leader.

All Hallows End is nigh or here or something. Battlenet is officially mandatory. Rep speed up in 3.3. The Razor Naga Reviewed. Today’s discussion all about good qualities for a Raid Leader.

The campfire is ablaze with talk about 3.3, including AOE damage caps, Daily Dungeon quests going away, and Tier 10 in the spotlight. Will Gnomeragan return? Today we discuss hybrid looting situations. If someone is going to be DPS and a Tank how can you handle their loot fairly?