Sad to admit, this was recorded on Mother’s Day.  So it’s a little old but the discussion is definitely still relevant. Me and Mark cover patch 3.3.5 notes, the Celestial Mounts and pets available for purchase from Blizzards and the changes in raiding scheduled for Cataclysm.

Some changes are coming up around these parts so… stay tuned!

Munnyshot joins me as we talk about blizzard’s recent announcements of class changes. And we take a deeper look into the PvP battle ground, Warsong Gulch.

Fun with WordPress when you nuke your theme. Patch 333 is released and messes up a number of Macs logging in but is quickly fixed. We talk about ‘regs’. All Razer mice now have official Mac drivers. Blizzard makes a new forum section for the Trading Card Game. Random Dungeon Finder tightens up loot rolls. We discuss ways to spread out the raid grind in learning new bosses and trying to keep your raid team fresh.

Silverzero joins us as we talk about 3.3.3 and beyond. Hints at Gnomergon being regained by the gnomes. Talk or the Ruby Sanctum for patch 3.3.5 or something like that. Upcoming changes to how world event bosses will drop loot, no more farming bosses for rare mount drops. The Headless Horseman mount slips further away. Oh and I say “Uh” a lot. Really I say it A LOT.

More 3.3.3 news and changes. A lot of PvP related changes in the works. Random dungeon changes, setting reasons for kicking people from random 5 man runs. New plushies and in-game pets. Today we discuss what to do about complaints from inside and outside the guild and how to handle it if you have something to complain about. Damn whiners.

Dealing with lag in raids. Trying to figure out the flash point of learning fights. Trying to tell the difference between when people will start getting the fight or giving up on it for a night. Blizzard cuts ties with the company making the trading card game. 1st Lich King kills revoked due to using an exploit. We discuss some upcoming changes to the game. We compare old instances and new. Oh yah and Blizzard makes a lot of money, just saying.

The Lich King is released, the Lich King is dead. We talk about the new Arena Season 8 changes and a good overview of Arena PvP with our good friend Munnyshot. We also discuss the new PvP changes, say goodbye to PvP emblems. We also talk about some of the non BG PvP/ dueling hotspots.

It’s not about the 80’s hair band. We talk about the new blood wing in ICC. Give a well deserved farewell to Fryderyk. You are missed. Yammer on about the iPad, hey everyone else is =P. Our discussion this week is dealing with poison, negativity from people that can bring overall morale of the guild down and cause problems.

We talk about the new armory, rant about We discuss people leaving the guild, how to handle it as an officer or as the person leaving. We also hear Hilljack admit he wears panties! We then close out the show as Hilljack and I realize our destiny.

We talk about people taking things in the game too seriously, and well just about everything else that comes to mind. Grab a drink, some popcorn, sit in a comfortable chair and hunker down.